daily moments – week 42 & 43

I missed last week because of our trip to DC so I combined both weeks.

Here’s our week . . .

Silas is making it with his cast. His spirits have been good and he has been determined.img_20161012_154452454

Breakfast one morning. We are still getting tomatoes from our garden. img_20161013_083503480

Here he is with his measuring tape. He went out to the garage by himself so he could come inside to measure the furniture.img_20161013_151538521

Jonas’ and his friend on a fall outing.

Its so fun to see him have a friend.

Two minds hard at work.

Visiting with good friends in DC. I have 3 boys and my friend has 4 girls (one is not in the picture).img_20161017_091307873

Brooks in Ford’s Theater. He was so excited to see this landmark.img_20161017_114424144

An amazing trip to Library Congress.img_20161017_144350299

Jonas with the George Washington-ton-ton Monument.img_20161017_154127516

A quick bathroom stop at the Botanical Gardens. Met up with friends for the day. img_20161018_122558069

The boys with Lincoln. img_20161019_100938248

Visiting the Building Museum. It was one of our favorites.img_20161019_142358769

More of the building Museum. This was one of the boys favorite parts of our trip.img_20161019_142836479

I love this picture.

WWII Memorial. This is one of my favorites.img_20161020_183012434

On our way back we spent some time with cousins.These two are so sweet together.img_20161021_145749293

See you next week!

2 thoughts on “daily moments – week 42 & 43

  1. Oh Tara – your boys just melt my heart- I look at them and are so proud of the little men they are becoming- thank you for sharing these pictures and being such a great Mommy

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