Happy Birthday Brooks!

This one made me a Mom 7 years ago. Its hard to believe but yes he is 7. Tonight as I checked on him before bed I was surprised by the length of his legs. He comes up to my shoulders. Instead of sobbing over the loss of baby cheeks and chubby fingers and clumsy words, I am rejoicing that my baby is growing up to be a kind, sensitive, and intelligent boy.

Here are my favorites.

What 6 year builds a model of the Taj Mahal?img_20160821_132113288

He is very silly in an awkward way. img_3004

Impressed with Big Ben.img_2904

Loves his cousin Rowe and (always) Silas.IMG_2783

First day of first grade.IMG_20160808_073222

Him and Silas can not take a serious picture. They feed off each other.IMG_20160729_121411969

ALWAYS silly.Tara Carter Photography 2016-07-02 (5 of 9)


Last day of school. Brooks can’t leave without Silas giving him a hug. The few times Silas wasn’t able to before Brooks got on the bus he cried. There is a special bond between these two.IMG_20160525_080243930_HDR

Remember what I said above – special bond.IMG_1638

Brooks –

Your Dad and I are in awe in the way you have grown. You have drive and work so hard at whatever you do and this quality will take you far. You are sensitive to your brothers (mostly) and I love that about you (I had my doubts).

Never stop dreaming about the future and the places you want to see and the experiences you long for. I promise someday you will eat sushi in Japan, you will walk the streets of Pompeii, and you will see Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower. I only hope I can be there with you.

My dear boy, I pray that your life will reflect the gospel and your eyes and heart will be open to others around you.

Love – Mom

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