daily moments – week 40

Mark and I were gone for a few days this week and since I was gone last week the only photos I have are from my phone.

Here’s our week . . .

Carpool shenanigans.img_20160927_143032578

I got to see Martin Van Buren’s home in Kinderhook, NY.img_20160928_144932315_hdr2

Apples in the Hudson Valley.

The streets of Old Montreal.img_20160929_154020471_hdr2

I love the green and red detail.

Basilique Notre-Dame, Montreal. My boys said, “he looks like a castle.”

Inside of the church. The blue reminded us of the Disney castle.img_20160929_1606230972

A modern chapel behind the ornate picture above.img_20160929_1622196312

Patisserie Maison Christian Faure. This place was on my to-do list.img_20160929_165607635

The Cross on top of Mont Royal outside of Montreal. A beautiful hike to overlook the city.img_20160929_1826374022

The Chateau Mont Royal overlook. It was cold and so beautiful with the sunset.img_20160929_184023435_hdrRoadfood.com always has good recommendations.

Parkway Diner, Vermont.img_20160930_135700433_hdr2The rolling hills of Vermont.

And a stop at Ben & Jerry’s in Waterbury, Vermont. It was so crowded we didn’t get a chance to do a tour.img_20160930_143320891_hdr2It was a quick trip but worth it. Can’t wait to go back!

See you next week!

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