daily moments – week 36

Since it was Labor Day Weekend, I gave myself the Sunday off from posting. Here we are a day late. We have big things happening this week like starting school for the younger two. I am so thrilled to have a few mornings a week that I can be free from the little ones.

Here’s our week . . .

We spent several mornings this week looking for things to do. The weather dropped below 90 for a few days so we went outside.IMG_2724

Silas reenacted landing on the moon by making this flag and then sticking it in the ground.


I found Silas studying in a box in the garage.IMG_2738

This kid and the fire truck.IMG_2751

We spent the weekend with family. IMG_2759



One just couldn’t get it together.IMG_2808


We hit Monday hard this week. Lots of toddler tantrums.

Trying Indian for the first time. It was a hit.IMG_20160830_175004487

Reading to brother makes my heart sing.IMG_20160831_072758007

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things is making butter and not training to become a ninja.IMG_20160831_135507848

Jonas learned how to play the drums.

He can fall asleep in any position.IMG_20160901_134050765

And so can this kid.IMG_20160902_134501172

Looking for turtles. We had a free afternoon with one child. It was nice to remember what that was like.IMG_20160903_163509837

And the fire truck again.IMG_20160904_130008076

Its always Dad these days. He has new favorite.IMG_20160905_183200599

See you next week!

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