daily moments – week 35

Mark and I got to escape for the weekend to a music festival with some good friends. It was so nice to be away even if I was sleeping in super humid and high temperatures and with public bathrooms. We just got back today and I am little sad. The boys had a great time without us thanks to Grammy.

Here’s our week . . .

Dinner one night brought to you by lard. Hoe cakes, beans and ham, and fried okra. It was a stand out meal.

Little guy loves to be in kitchen.IMG_2648

Here he is with a “cutting board” he made himself.
IMG_2650 These two this weekend were hilarious.IMG_2685

They celebrated their anniversary by spending it with us in tents and an old barn. We plan on doing it again next year.IMG_2695



Brooks made the Taj Mahal.IMG_20160821_132113288

Making Viking Ships before 7 am.IMG_20160824_072815232

Asleep with Rough and Tough.IMG_20160824_135413682

Silas made gifts with wrapping while he was at school. He really misses his brother when he is gone.IMG_20160824_155420132

Hoe Cakes!IMG_20160824_180732584

The sun left a lovely effect on my street.IMG_20160825_082147224

Asleep with all the books.IMG_20160825_135455584

Silas having fun with a box that once housed a grill.IMG_20160825_145834852

Grammy is in town so out come all the toys and games.IMG_20160826_094127322_HDR

Home for the weekend.IMG_20160826_181842528

Nights in a barn.IMG_20160826_202309206

Yoga at 10am in the middle of Georgia in August is not a great idea.IMG_20160827_104151894

He is still making me laugh. IMG_20160827_194746049

Cherry Pie for a friend.IMG_20160828_155255

Water fight!

See you next week!

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