daily moments – week 34

We were lucky to have two sets of overnight guests this week. Brooks though was disappointed that he had to school and miss all the fun happening at home.

Here’s our week . . .

A quick lunch for friends after realizing I had no bread for sandwiches.

The boys still love bath time.

They like to take them together.IMG_2589

Saturday morning farewell to our friends on their way to Dallas.

Jonas’ cheeks have looked thicker lately. Maybe its the shaggy hair.IMG_2619

Brooks got his gun back. He had it taken away several months ago and got it back only to have it taken away again. He becomes a different kid with a play gun in his hand.IMG_2625

Making a fort/hideout.IMG_2628

Late night dinner.IMG_20160814_212539390_HDR

Caught.IMG_20160816_163343375 Thursday morning harvest.IMG_20160817_075828

One afternoon this kid wouldn’t leave his brothers alone. I put him on my back so I could finish dinner. He ran his car up and down my back.IMG_20160817_161405159

Waiting for the bus.IMG_20160818_153655387

Silas found a shell of a cicada.IMG_20160818_154002892

So excited for these! They didn’t disappoint. The boys liked them too.IMG_20160818_161600527

His choice this week was Richard Scarry.IMG_20160819_141451251

Watching the rain with Dad.IMG_20160820_185422

The boys and I are fans of the Great British Bake Off.IMG_20160820_162249422_HDRSee you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 34

  1. Hey where’s a picture of that other overnight guests!!! I laughed so hard when I saw Jonas on your back !!! Too funny

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