daily moments – week 33

Its been quite a week around here. Brooks went to school and the boys and I found ways to stay entertained. Brooks is so far loving school and really likes his teacher. Silas is definitely in a better mood these days and Jonas is still Jonas. He’s just being two which is a hard job.

Here’s our week . . .

He knows how to cheese in front of the camera. He’s a natural.




IMG_2562I can’t stop with this stuff. Its a basil vinaigrette that has gone on everything but mostly I have just been eating it with peaches.IMG_2569


Silas has decided he wants to be a climber. He has even made his own club in a fort in the backyard. He told me tonight that one of the main activities is talking about Presidents with his flash cards. I like his spirit. Not sure how many members there are in his exclusive circle. He told me I could join if there are no friends around.

First day lunch. Brooks told me there was not enough food and next time I should know to pack more. Thanks bud.IMG_20160807_213504191

First day picture. So.much.like.his.father.IMG_20160808_073222

Breakfast. Corn, garden peppers, shallots, pita, egg, and cilantro sauce.IMG_20160810_093012259

Everyone has a drawer that is solely for travel items that meet TSA requirements?IMG_20160810_211742634

Its his favorite routine. IMG_20160811_134209044

I have a very real addiction. I only allow myself two bags of these.

A little tic-tac-toe while we wait for the bus. Silas tries to cheat everytime.IMG_20160811_152711259

They played for 13 minutes and I read. I can’t believe it happened. This picture is my proof.IMG_20160811_161630297

“Hey Brooks I made a drive-thru for our race track.”IMG_20160812_160047650_HDR

I can’t believe I am lucky enough that I have this incredible job.IMG_20160813_095707

I went with a couple of friends to High Tea at St.Regis today. It was a highlight. Happy Late Birthday to me.IMG_20160813_212051

Hey Gillian! IMG_20160813_212157

I am totally serious when I say this is a routine. He is totally out with his head wrapped in a quilt with his body off the chair.IMG_20160813_212553

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 33

  1. Love these cute shots of the kids- Brooks does dress like his Dad- what was on Silas waist / suspenders? Jonas is such an odd child- I love those pictures if him sleeping in that chair

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