daily moments – week 32

Our last week before school!

Here’s our week . . .

We did a science experiment with corn starch and water. They had so much fun and it was really messy they took it outside. Our concrete is still a bit on the white side because of their “splash” party.IMG_2511

They said it was salt crystals.IMG_2514

Silas is always in his underwear. IMG_2515


A quick glimpse of Mark being a Dad. IMG_2518

Watching the Olympics!IMG_2532

We let them stay up until we saw the United States in the Parade of Nations.IMG_2536

Jonas loved the crab-looking things at the beginning.IMG_2537

Jonas choice of accessories.IMG_20160731_174133981

Macarons for my birthday.IMG_20160801_131619519_HDR

Birthday oysters. These were some of the most amazing ones I have ever eaten.IMG_20160801_191048178

Book of the week. IMG_20160802_135550858

I picked these up for my birthday. They were beautiful.IMG_20160802_181440569

Brooks was so proud of himself with his “StarWars Ship.”IMG_20160803_093401778

Jonas drew me a car. Thank you Jonas.IMG_20160803_162207609

They are now making lunches! Hooray! Another step towards independence.IMG_20160804_121103693

His preferred sleeping spot.IMG_20160806_211328

See you next week!

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