daily moments – week 31

This week felt like the last hoorah to summer even though we have a full week left until school starts. It was long but short at the same time. It was hot and busy and we are glad it’s over.

Here’s our week . . .

One afternoon the boys were begging to make paper planes, watch tv, and eat. So I sent them outside with popsicles and a bowl of soapy water to clean their cars.IMG_2499


IMG_2498Tortilla for dinner. One of our favorites!

Brooks looks too old in the picture. I can imagine him as a teenager. Also, note he is finally able to clean and he likes it.IMG_2510

I got to see my nephew last weekend and take some pictures. This is my favorite.IMG_20160724_141506406_HDR

Epic train building every morning.IMG_20160725_073247648

This is how I felt most of the week. IMG_20160725_132955940

He tried to go with no nap but he just couldn’t keep up.IMG_20160726_160716836

One exciting trip to Target for school supplies. Probably won’t do this again unless its an emergency.IMG_20160728_100339269_HDR

White House building.IMG_20160727_145913309

Guilty brownie face.IMG_20160727_135915806 Obligatory Dad-throwing-child-in-the-air picture. Jonas doesn’t like bathing with pants on.IMG_20160726_184314483

So this is Silas’ interpretation of “ruins.” Not sure which ones.

Sometimes he is so lovely. Sometimes.IMG_20160729_131025732Tried to get these kids into art this week.


We saw the Eric Carle exhibit at the The High. This is Jonas’ little lady friend Maia. Together they make quite a team.

Wants to be just like brother. He wore these for 24 hours. He tried to find them again and I hid them in the dirty clothes.IMG_20160728_182719433

Yogurt for lunch! We do this every summer. Ten seconds after taking this picture Jonas threw his spoon in the air and had a melt down. We quickly had to leave the premises.

See you next week!

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