daily moments – week 30

Mark was gone most of the week so our meals were very simple, we had lots of plans, and early bedtimes. Glad he is home.

Here’s our week . . .

Jonas has discovered he loves to color. His favorite thing to draw (and say) is “horse-shoe crab.”

We are still working on school stuff. It helps the day go by faster.IMG_20160721_152837038_HDR

I made a cheese platter this week. Its the easiest thing to bring to an event. And you always receive compliments.

Our favorite book of the week. Its Jonas’ book but the boys love it just as much.IMG_20160723_181615

With Mark gone, I finally accomplished some of my to-do items. One those items was the pantry.

With so many cucumbers around the house, I made dill pickles. They turned out fantastic.IMG_20160718_133459225

Silas punched holes in leaves “because that’s what you do when I think about someone.” Jonas gathered all the leaves and handed them to me with smiles.IMG_20160718_142814200

Silas got a paper plane book with Starwar’s ships. It was a huge hit in our house.IMG_20160719_133734170-2

The boys had a soccer camp this week. They got to eat popsicles after every practice. It was so incredibly hot.IMG_20160720_110754403See you next week!


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