daily moments – week 29

Here’s our week . . .

I made versions of this three times in a row. Delicious, but I am done with green beans with tomatoes for a week.IMG_2472

I love the sunflowers I put at the front door.IMG_2467

Prepping for lunch.IMG_2480

Lunch. All of the above, plus goat cheese, basil, oregano, and sunflower seeds.IMG_2483

He is napping!IMG_20160712_134557682


The older two were away for the week so we had more time to spend with Jonas.IMG_20160712_184628856

After almost 7 years with this bib, I decided it was time to say goodbye.IMG_20160713_132601246

First visit to the dentist, he did great! He actually loved having his teeth brush (its one of his favorite activities at home.)IMG_20160713_144717293


Matching Mom isn’t always fun.IMG_20160714_154626

Lunch with Mark for our anniversary. IMG_20160715_131649110_HDR

They love the rain.


See you soon!

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