daily moments – week 25

This week has been beyond crazy. Lots of visitors, cake, popsicles, long nights, early mornings, kids, and all around chaos. It was fun.

Here’s our week . . .

Sometimes he wears his fancy shoes with breakfast.

Birthday boy and his pancakes.IMG_1710

Very unsure about a candle in his pancakes.IMG_1713

Definitely not interested in this whole birthday business. Just give me my pancakes!

Birthday boots, bus, and bus book.IMG_1723

Reading new bus book together.IMG_1726

All the kids and the Mamas! A dear friend and her four kiddos drove from D.C. to see us for 4 days. It was so much fun and a bit nuts to have them in our house. We read books, swam, played in the rain, talked Star Wars, fought with light sabres, drank and ate a lot of chips and salsa. I miss being a Mama with her. (In this picture is also my Atlanta/D.C. friend who we both knew. I thankfully have her nearby.) IMG_1796

Its hard getting everyone together.IMG_1797


Two of the youngest and biggest trouble makers.IMG_2020

So sad I won’t let him “push” the buttons on my camera.IMG_2027

Group picture.IMG_2032


Silas’ birthday!IMG_2053

We celebrated a bit early. It was the Saturday between Jonas and Silas’ birthdays. Jonas’ bus cake.IMG_2058

And since Silas loves to talk about eyeballs, he had eyeball cupcakes.IMG_2059

Sweet Maia and Jonas.IMG_2063

They don’t always get along. They both wanted to be the driver.IMG_2066

Silas the baby whisperer.IMG_20160615_131910432

Boys playing in the rain. They had so much fun.IMG_20160615_144909752

Unsure about the situation.

Too much cuteness.IMG_20160615_151504023

Brooks set up his Darth Vader costume to look like he was fighting.IMG_20160617_075350927

Dill from the garden. Its one of my favorites.IMG_20160617_133107529

Reading (smothering) to his brother.IMG_20160618_231909

Concert night on the green.IMG_20160618_232022

New watch and binoculars. IMG_20160618_085800594

So excited about this book. I was searching at the library for a book for Brooks on Maps and discovered this.IMG_20160618_091015878

See you next week!

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