Jonas is 2!

Here’s a special a post on my youngest little boy. He refers to himself as, “I baby.” I think he recognizes that its time that we call him little boy. I have mentioned this before but this little one packs a punch. His first 6 months were dreamy, but then he found his will. Yep at 6 months. He is still stubborn, feisty, full of energy and laughs. To his brothers, Jonas is walking party. He currently imitates farting and burping by making silly sounds with his mouth. He follows these sounds with “cuse me.” Oh my little one. Happy Birthday!

The following are pictures for every month of the last year. There are a few months that have two because I just couldn’t decide. He does possess one of the sweetest smiles.IMG_9918





untitled (16 of 17)







Happy 2nd Birthday my little love.

I know I moan and complain about you – chasing you, feeding you, keeping you from toliets, but you are so funny and full of life. I truly have no clue what the future will hold for you but I know your brothers will have your back. They adore you even if they show it in a weird, constantly touching you way.

Your current favorites are avocados, the color orange, buses, trains, cookies, and grandmas.

We love you and we love the way you see the world. You are friendly (you say hi to everyone) and you love to dance and let your voice be heard. You are truly special.

Love you!

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