daily moments – week 23

Here’s our week . . .

Preparing for a special Father’s Day gift. I like this picture because he still looks like a little guy.IMG_1682

My baby.IMG_1688

Those curls.IMG_1690

Favorite meal of the week.IMG_1702

After vacation, car dump.

20 minutes of fun.IMG_20160530_182527337

Sunglasses and pink polo. We are ready for summer.IMG_20160601_154416

Sometimes we just go to a bakery and I drink coffee and they play. We might be doing this several times this summer.IMG_20160601_105421231

Taking their turn behind the wheel (and when I say wheel I mean a steam train).IMG_20160602_103122859

Mail train.IMG_20160602_111405502

Silas said he got tired coloring. So he only colored the tip of each crayon.IMG_20160602_155028058

Pool side.IMG_20160603_101541174

Morning clouds at the beach.

Fishing on the river.IMG_20160604_141256643_HDR

See you next week.

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