daily moments – week 22

Its been a big week for us. Brooks is done with Kindergarden! And we celebrated by going to the beach for the weekend.

Here’s our week . . .

Silas is into scrolls right now. He told me Dad would help him deliver these when he is 10. He wants to wait until he is older.IMG_1646

Silas really wanted me to take this shot. They are into bottom and eyeball jokes.IMG_1648

A scratch.IMG_1654

I made a soup we had in Morocco. Its was one of my favorite food memories of our trip.IMG_1661

Beach boys. They were on the top of the world. IMG_1680

He’ll take all the guac. Literally.IMG_20160522_122635

Food coma after the guac bowl, mid choo-choo.

Carmelized bacon. Thanks Ina!

Shishitos are back in action!IMG_20160523_170829194

Discovering Thomas on his pajamas.IMG_20160524_190525994

Grabbing a cup of coffee at 2:20pm. It was the first moment in the day that I had time to drink caffeine. Did you notice the wiggly boy in the picture?IMG_20160525_142056990

Last day of Kindergarden. Silas reminds me of his dad.IMG_20160525_080243930_HDRLast day of school selfie. This was the last time it was just these two. Silas has one of his famous scrolls.IMG_20160525_142405177

Last Day Water party.IMG_20160525_151616381

Silas made a rocket with a “museum stand.”IMG_20160526_141551620

“Mom did you take a picture of me doing my trick?” I have no clue what the trick was but he did this move three times.IMG_20160526_145550241

Trying to get Jonas to smile. We had another 2 hours until Dad would be getting home and I was going crazy. This was the first day of summer break. Also, I bought the brightest swim suit this year. It even glows in the dark.IMG_20160526_145611564

Pool hat.IMG_20160526_151902026

Sunburst in my neighborhood on an evening walk.IMG_20160526_184813948_HDR

A tinge of red in his curls thanks to the sunset.IMG_20160526_184821211

First time to play at the beach. He was not interested in the water. He repeatedly said, “ouch! ouch!” when the waves hit his feet.IMG_20160527_181539321

When is it my turn to be in the pool?

Where’s Jonas? He thought these were cars.IMG_20160527_162702255_HDR

I tried to convince the boys to play dress up with me at the Historical Center but everyone was very interested in this game.IMG_20160527_155856594

Eventually, I grabbed Jonas and dressed us both up as British soldiers.IMG_20160527_155650131Jekyll Island Club family shot. We only wished we could’ve stayed here. We were just posing on the porch.IMG_20160528_214506

Driftwood Beach.IMG_20160528_104626714

Dino roar!IMG_20160528_130003108

Checking out sea turtles.IMG_20160528_150512980_HDR

Taking an ice cream break.IMG_20160528_155733098

We met Plantation Oak. Best climbing tree ever. Its only 350 years old.IMG_20160528_162959330

And this one is 150 years old. IMG_20160528_162325744

The streets were beautiful!

We were really into the trees.IMG_20160528_213731

See you next week! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Holiday!

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