daily moments – week 21

School is almost out! Silas finished this week so much of our activities revolved around parties, graduations, and a visit with grandparents.

Here’s our week . . .

I think he said he was working at his computer doing school work.IMG_1529

Not sure why he needed googles. He had his face painted at a party. He was supposed to be a vampire.IMG_1531

Sweet curls.IMG_1536

Those teeth and checks. He loves his Daddy.IMG_1541

I love this stuff. I eat it straight from the jar. IMG_1543

Loves, loves trains.IMG_1547


I made Eygptian food this week or my best rendition. We studied Egypt last month with our Little Passports.IMG_1576



Wanting to be in the water.IMG_1594

Oh my, he is silly.IMG_1600


Happy Graduation Silas!IMG_1607



Silas is really lost without his brother. They are best buddies.IMG_1638

Its never easy to get a family picture.IMG_1644

He said it was a street sweeper.IMG_20160516_081454608

He really wanted to be a vampire.IMG_20160517_120140387

Brooks and Silas and their art. Silas was hiding.

Walking home from school drop off in the rain.IMG_20160521_201044

On the way to school. IMG_20160521_211912

Why does he have to sleep like this?IMG_20160521_211954

Summertime – popsicles and onesies.


We needed rain. I woke up and it was 50 something degrees and raining. It was perfect. We’ve had cooler weather and I am loving every minute.


See you next week!

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