daily moments – week 20

We slowed down a bit this week but I still didn’t manage to get much sleep. The boys are taking turns waking up at night so I feel like I have newborn in the house.

Here’s our week . . .

School is almost out so I thought I should go through our art and ‘school’ stuff. It was a mess and it took most of the morning because I had a toddler screaming about packets of oatmeal (his favorite).IMG_1432

All done. So much better. IMG_1434

He is really into gloves.

They all have gone through this stage. Its another precious milestone.

Everything in the fridge rice.IMG_1452

This guy is very much a little boy (those are t-rex claws).IMG_1469

Dead dinosaur.IMG_1470

And sometimes he is so insightful and intelligent. I get glimmers of him as a teenager.IMG_1477

Our green beans are climbing.IMG_1482

Silas is going through a stage where he wears his shirts backwards. This includes pajamas.IMG_1486

And this guy is growing. I have mentioned before we have had trouble with him gaining weight and eating, but recently he is eating a lot and it shows.IMG_1492

He still loves his trucks.


Hey buddy.IMG_1503

Dinner outside. I shoud be doing this most nights. Then I won’t have to clean my floors after bedtime.IMG_1513

He is never far away. IMG_1517

Silas discussing the finer points of his meal. No joke. I heard him talking about his naan pizza I made. I think he gave it 2.5 out of 5. He usually rates his meals by ‘thumbsups!’IMG_1525

Everything but the kitchen sink salad. It was so massive I might of made myself a bit ill after.IMG_1528

The boys went fishing with Dad this week. Both boys caught 2 fish a piece.IMG_20160514_104631349

Out after a big weekend with family.IMG_20160514_144037831_HDR

I got to have all the babies this weekend. Jonas was furious I was holding another baby. My nephew made me want another little one.IMG_20160515_094412

Exploring a new playground in a new city.IMG_20160515_094622

Jonas likes headbands much like his brother Brooks did at this age.IMG_20160515_123523

Those bags under my eyes say so much about this day. It was a rough morning. My eyes were bloodshot which is why this picture is in black and white. But I wanted to capture this moment to remember those difficult moments are intense but quick. It was a reminder to take heart. It will soon pass. Gosh this mothering thing is hard work.IMG_20160515_123606

These two have been the best of buds lately. Silas can be crazy with Jonas but also gentle, sweet, and helpful.IMG_20160515_123810

See you next week!

4 thoughts on “daily moments – week 20

  1. You and Mark are doing a great job.- wish I could be closer to help out- these pictures say it all- Love your very proud Mom

  2. Tara…I love stopping by your blog and seeing you and your boys. It takes me back many years to when my boys were that age. Just wish I would have have done a better job at preserving the daily memories like you are doing instead of concentrating on only the special events.
    You and the rest of your family are a part of our memories. Always enjoyed spending time together when we were visiting in Pville. Do you remember playing with the Miller boys way back when?

    I know you probably get tired of people telling you, but cherish these times when your boys are little…they go by so fast. (I’m sure your mom is thinking the same thing!)

    • Thank you! Of course I remember you and your boys! I have many fond memories of that time. Thank you for commenting and yes I am trying to enjoy most of the moments even if they are rough.

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