daily moments – week 19

Without sounding like a broken record, this week was busy. Mark was out of town and Mimi came to town to help with my rowdy little crew. Then I had an incredible opportunity for my business which took up almost two days. So I have just a few pictures from this week.

Here’s our week. . . .

I got the chance to walk Brooks to school this week. It was a bit cold one morning so Silas wore his hat and mittens with his pajamas.IMG_20160507_140952

Returning from a long day, these two were wrestling on my bed.

Reading the funny things they said in years past in my Mom book. Instead of cards for my birthday and Mother’s Day, they write and draw in a special journal.IMG_20160508_080036

Mother’s Day Eve. We avoided the crowds and went out on Saturday. All I wanted was a margarita and guacamole. Seven years into this whole Mom-thing and I still stumble and trip with being a parent, but we are surviving and hopefully thriving.IMG_20160508_083154

I think the best word to describe this one is scrappy.


We found dinosaurs!IMG_20160508_085043

My Mother’s Day present.IMG_20160508_085218

I never imagined I would have a little boy with curls but I love it.

See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 19

  1. Love the post- your a wonderful Mom HShowboat Branson Belle -Happy Mother’s Day- I love the woman you’ve become

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