daily moments – week 17

Here’s our week . . .

Titanic is still going strong. This is Silas’ version.IMG_1346

Hello Silas.IMG_1347


We have a new rider. He prefers to push the bike around, but I caught him sitting.IMG_1352

Mark bought the boys roller blades. IMG_1353

They spent about an hour falling around the garage. They want to do it again so they must like it.IMG_1354


I have convienced Silas that helping Jonas with his shoes is fun.IMG_1357

I think its a win-win-win.IMG_1359

One of my favorites – avocado, radish, cucumbers, and goat cheese. I couldn’t decide on this picture or the next. I thought this one was more moody.

Happy light.IMG_1364 I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s $3 flowers.IMG_1373 This is what I do on Sunday nights. I gather with neighbors, food, martinis, and TV. We have gathered for the last 5 years. It all started with Downton Abbey and now Call the Midwife. Its also a time of gossip. Its a highlight of my week.IMG_20160423_195254 All ready for church.IMG_20160423_195323
He’s eating! Some of you know all the food and weight issues we have had with Jonas so anytime he wants seconds I get excited. His temper has prevented him from enjoying carbs so when he ate an entire donut and wanted a second I almost jumped for joy!IMG_20160423_082708465_HDRLook out! Jonas is on the road.IMG_20160423_104257446

Last night I got in the car and realized I never finished my morning coffee. I was so excited that I had a bit leftover. I didn’t care that it was cold and it had been sitting in the car all day. It was caffeine. IMG_20160423_195741036_HDR

Decorating cookies at Spring Fling.IMG_20160424_133416

I finished my picture. Not a masterpiece but it looks okay. Silas took it from my room and was trying to hang it on his wall. I love that kid so much.

We are studying Eygpt. Brooks and Silas are thrilled! They chipped away and dug a pharoah head out of pyramid.IMG_20160424_131438617

See you next week!

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