daily moments – week 16

Here’s our week . . .

Our little Jonas is really crazy about his trains. He tells us frequently that he wants to “pay with choo-choo.”IMG_1265




He has also taken to wearing hats. He really likes this NASA hat.IMG_1286


“Mom there is nothing to do but watch TV.”IMG_1302

A delicious breakfast. I try to make a few sweet potatoes during the week so all I have to do is reheat and put an egg on top.IMG_1304

I love movie night Thursdays. Its an excuse to turn on the TV for at least an hour and a half without feeling guilty.IMG_1315



Salad night. Silas was disappointed. He told me he disliked everything I was going to make for dinner. Thanks buddy.IMG_1340

Trying to get out for some fresh air is difficult. We have cooler weather which has made me very happy.IMG_20160407_144316035

Brooks is still thinking about the science museum we went to last week.IMG_20160411_074423617

Everything the boys liked about Spring Break, smores and space.IMG_20160412_183120591

Silas made art this week. This one is called, “A War that Happened A Long Time Ago in England.”IMG_20160413_145604

Everything about this picture says, strugglin’. Jonas only eating popcorn and I have no makeup and I am pretty sure I didn’t even attempt my hair.

Got a chance to catch up with friends and a get a little crafty.IMG_20160415_100327139

We have opened our pool. This is what it looks like before Mark works and works and works and works to get it looking nice.

This picture says, “I am not amused by the 22 month year old sitting on my lap.” This might have been the day he only ate popcorn.IMG_20160416_191915

Brooks brought home a project from school about Lincoln. IMG_20160416_133206591

Special treats for a special evening.IMG_20160416_160136138

Kimchi bar. We are lucky enough to live in an area that has this at a local grocery store. I am thankful the boys get to experience a diverse array of foods, people, languages, and cultures.IMG_20160416_163150438

See you next week!

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