daily moments – week 15

After a pathetic amount of pictures last week, this week I took 29 (half of them were on my phone because we went on several adventures). We were on break this week, but unfortunately one kid got a stomach bug and another got a cold that passed on to me. Today was mostly spent around the house in bed. It was so nice to be able to just focus on home.

Here’s our week . . .

The boys made me lemon and vanilla pastries. Yum.IMG_1224

A chef at work.IMG_1226


The littlest one went shopping.IMG_1228

These beauties from our garden.IMG_1232

Roasted cauliflower and asparagus. Brooks really wanted the orange cauliflower. It was delicious.IMG_1233

Oatmeal and buttermilk pancakes. So good and pretty healthy. IMG_1241

The boys liked them. Its hard to get a picture with Silas because he is always talking.IMG_1250

Brooks made epic planes this week.IMG_1252

Jonas leaves his mark. He is always in the pantry.IMG_1255

Laughing at Dad. This one is totally his Dad. IMG_20160407_151738327

Brooks is really into long sleeves with short sleeves. Since we have colder weather lately, he has been layering so he can wear his favorite short sleeved shirts.IMG_20160407_151750392

Going on a canoe ride. Boys are lucky to have such a fun Dad that openly mocks them.IMG_20160408_100128978

Smores. Silas was telling me how much he likes smores. Notice Brooks’ long sleeve short sleeve combo.  This was the best picture of both.IMG_20160408_174607506Digging for fossils at the museum. Definitely a highlight for our week.IMG_20160409_114512

There’s a reason why avocado is trending right now. Its delicous but I still am a fan of butter and salt.IMG_20160404_080453125

A mid-bike ride break. The older two rode 7 miles on their bikes. IMG_20160404_163423914

Brooks dreams came true.IMG_20160405_114631038_HDR

Planes at the museum. IMG_20160405_115045748_HDR

Panning for gems.IMG_20160405_115156367_HDR

Finding dino eggs.IMG_20160405_115649966

Discovering fossils. IMG_20160405_121311538

The end of a fun day. Brooks and Silas loved the worms in their ice cream.IMG_20160405_184814043

This one still has his paci. I had planned to wean him this week but he got sick. We will try for next week.IMG_20160406_141208319

Myrtle’s adventure. I tried to let her wander around the yard once day. She goes back on Monday and I am happy. I have been dreaming about finding her dead or having babies in my dining room. Its time she goes back to school.IMG_20160407_134202339

This little one is so much work.IMG_20160409_202719

Bike ride.IMG_20160409_202931

I haven’t been feeling the greatest so I gave myself a sick day and stayed in bed for several hours during Jonas’ nap.IMG_20160409_130630020_HDR

In the last week, I have spent my evenings doing this. Its a paint by number that I got a Christmas. Its harder than I thought it would be but I think its going to look nice when I am done. Its kinda like a grownup coloring book.IMG_20160409_202144875_HDR

See you next week!

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