daily moments – week 13

Here’s our week. . .

We are huge fans of Little Passports. This month we explored France so we read books and watched movies about France, we listened to French music, and ate French food. I love doing these activities with the boys. On this afternoon, we found a macaron store. We had a lot of fun.

Everyone wanted a bite of each.IMG_1154

I turned a few vegetable scraps into an amazing broth that was turned into tomato soup and cabbage soup.IMG_1158

My favorite flower.IMG_1161

Hallelujah for bread!IMG_1163

I jumped when I first saw this. I thought they were worms. It was Silas’ version of strawberry vanilla rolls.IMG_1166


Cabbage soup – leftovers from St. Patrick’s day.IMG_1173

Figuring out a puzzle and an avocado.IMG_1179


He is looking more like Dad.IMG_1187




“French” food. IMG_1207

Brunch. Asparagus, potatoes, mint, dill, and meyer lemon.IMG_1213

Making a mess while I try to get stuff done.IMG_20160321_091105447

Then I made the mess, but the closet is now organized.IMG_20160323_111711343

I made lego tables for the boys. It was an easy IKEA hack.IMG_20160323_113638126_HDR

This looks like spring or the end of a party.

Jungle exploring on a Friday.IMG_20160325_100124959

Happy Easter! See you next week.

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