daily moments – week 12

We have been battling runny noses and low energy. Unfortunatey, I was one of them. So this week was a blur.

Here’s our week. . .

Sweet Jonas eating Irish Soda bread. IMG_1083

Cara Cara oranges are the best. I am the only one who thinks this which means I have been averaging at least one a day.IMG_1091

This picture is overexposed but I still like it.IMG_1094

A laid back Saturday. They were eating snack. IMG_1113

We finally made some crafts we got for Christmas. Silas made a horse.IMG_1116


And Brooks made a snake.IMG_1126

Reading a new Titanic book from the library. They were counting the windows to make sure they had the correct number on their drawing.IMG_1131

Ice cream sandwiches for snack.IMG_1137

We celebrated Jonas asking for seconds with macarons. He rarely asks for more food. So we hope this means we are past his cold. IMG_1146

Sunrise on the way to the bus.IMG_20160314_073244489_HDR

Waiting for the car at the car wash.IMG_20160314_111157857

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!IMG_20160317_154152581

Its stroller weather.IMG_20160317_182646191

I love stepping on pinecones. I think I squashed about 30 on my last walk.

Hammocks at a new park.IMG_20160318_110658693

Spending time with cousin Katie. IMG_20160318_110742396

Silas was really excited to show this picture to Brooks.IMG_20160319_211309

Stinky spring trees (they are Bradford Pears).IMG_20160319_211636

I am not the only one who loves a clean car. Silas asked me if we bought a new car.IMG_20160319_211932

It really is spring. I have given up hope that it will be cold again. I think its official after living here for 6 years. I miss winter. Its my second favorite season and spring in Georgia is not my favorite. The bugs are already here and the pollen is on everything. Only 6 more months until fall.IMG_20160319_142540916

See you next week!

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