daily moments – week 11

After returning from a quick trip to D.C., a few days later we packed up and went south for another wedding. My Mom came and helped with the kids and brought my niece (thank you!). They all had a great time and Mark and I enjoyed a much needed break.

Still playing ninja.IMG_0340

Jonas quickly took up with Grammy. IMG_0346

The boys had so much fun with their cousin.IMG_0349
Such a sweet smile.IMG_0355

Meeting a cousin. He did so well with him.IMG_0368

I thought I had deleted this picture because of the light. Glad I didn’t.IMG_0373

Sweet baby C. He looks just like his Dad. IMG_0390

Looking older.IMG_0402


Making faces while waiting for the food.IMG_0470


He loved the sand so much we found it later in his diaper.


Wedding cake. IMG_0621

Grandpa with his youngest great-grand baby (of 18!).IMG_0632

Another successful snack night.IMG_20160309_170324379_HDR

When Mom makes you mad, you hide under her bed. The wet spot on the rug is tears and snot.IMG_20160310_111846210

Special day for Silas. We celebrated his birthday early at school.IMG_20160313_220641Learning about planes at the Children’s Museum on his class fieldtrip.

Scraps make the best snack.IMG_20160309_145254492

See you next week!

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