daily moments – week 10

Here’s our week. . .

This has become our world lately. Constant battles with Jonas.IMG_0264

He still looks cute.IMG_0268

I know buddy. Its hard.IMG_0271Making origami. Mark was given this task because of his skills with paper airplanes.

This is what happens when you have no hips or behind.

This meal was the best of the week – roasted cauliflower, broccoli, peas, and fish.IMG_0296

Silas is still “nesting.” IMG_0300

Its all for Jonas.IMG_0307

They have started to play trains together. Unfortunately, Jonas wants to take apart the tracks and move them.IMG_0321

Signs of spring.IMG_20160229_152715163

Only a two person shadow. This rarely happens.IMG_20160302_144943310

My clean fridge! After I found a cockroach residing under my meat drawer.

I chose to read and not clean.

This is a bit violent. Its Brooks’ version of Abe and John Wilkes Booth. IMG_20160304_230304

See you next week!

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