daily moments – week 9

I just bought a fancy new camera so we have many pictures this week.

Here’s our week . . .

My boys. They both look so happy.IMG_4919

I love this picture.IMG_4975

Proof this kid can throw a big fit. At least we know this is a phase.IMG_4991

Jonas was really fighting for my attention while saying “CHEESE!”IMG_5007

The boys and Mark are looking at a picture of a couple of sweet baby girls born last weekend. We were all very excited.IMG_5015

Next morning.IMG_5036

He loves buses.IMG_5045


A study of Silas.IMG_5054





A new look to my living room decor – trains, slippers, and underwear.

I sent the boys out on a day it wasn’t raining. They were pretending.IMG_5090

After being out of sight for a few minutes they reappearred covered in white dust.IMG_5115

They had ground up dust and “painted” themselves. I think it had something to do with the book we got from the library about American Indians.IMG_5119


He also likes cars and trucks.IMG_5142



After this photo was taken, the three boys were taken inside for bath. IMG_5158

I made cinnamon rolls Saturday morning. I had a helper.IMG_5191

On Sunday I sampled some bitters made by a neighbor.IMG_20160221_210909033

On Tuesday we went out for ramen. We are studying Japan and we wanted to show boys there is more to Japanese food than sushi.IMG_20160223_174325778

One morning the clouds looked like this. The sky was almost green. IMG_20160224_073714530_HDR

Trying to learn how to use chopsticks.IMG_20160225_115523942

Silas helped me make those delicious cinnamon rolls.IMG_20160226_181817470

See you next week.

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