daily moments – week 8

We were busy this week. It was all fun but it was busy.

Here’s our week . . .

Brooks completed his first report. He was really proud.IMG_20160215_150831935

The weather this week was warm but still cool enough to wear a scarf. Thanks Katie.IMG_20160216_124856

This crew can be a bit crazy. Mark and I have started running again and on this night I took the bedtime duties so he could run.

It was a long day.IMG_20160217_132944

My little fruit snatcher.IMG_20160217_184940377

Brooks’ choice for movie night.IMG_20160218_162357398_HDR

Best meal I made this week  – roast chicken and cauliflower with buttered peas. Simple but perfect.IMG_20160218_172332809

The Titanic receiving a warning that icebergs are ahead. Brooks is really into shipwrecks. IMG_20160219_181004

I know this doesn’t look like much but a plate of butter chicken with a beer and a cheesy movie was a perfect way to end a crazy week.IMG_20160220_205110125_HDR

See you next week!

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