daily moments – week 7

Happy Valentine’s Day! We were lucky enough to have help this weekend with the kids. Mark and I went out a few times, the kids had fun at birthday parties, and everyone ate way too much sugar.

Here’s our week . . .

Lunch one day. I love eating and reading cookbooks. IMG_0253

Jonas says “cheese!” when he sees the camera.IMG_0255

Snack nite! Our favorite meal. We do this once week.IMG_0257

Silas loves this meal. Both boys ate with their shirts off.

Pink sunrise on the way to the bus.IMG_20160208_073305122_HDR

Making Valentine’s.IMG_20160208_210803958

Snowflakes in his hair.IMG_20160209_095454308

How many boys can fit on one chair?IMG_20160211_185203472

Cooking class with Silas.IMG_20160212_103258292_HDR

Nap time with all his friends.IMG_20160212_134802572

Date night with tile.IMG_20160212_203324346

Teaching Silas how to roller skate. We are doing this again. It was so much fun.IMG_20160213_132611468

Shopping at Anthropology is kinda like shopping at an art museum. I hate taking kids in here.IMG_20160213_153644727


See you next week!

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