daily moments – week 6

Here’s our week . . .

Silas has been making “nests.” He really wants Jonas to just curl up next to him and play. So he gathers all the blankets, pillows, and toys to lure him to the nest.IMG_0155

Movie night with orange juice and donuts.IMG_0159

Jonas loved his donut. He thought it was a cookie.IMG_0167

A study on eggs and light.IMG_0181

Brooks and Silas were preparing for an exploration to the Artic. We had just read a book about Shackleton from the library. Unfortunately this led to a lot of fighting on how to assemble supplies and a little brother who wanted to join in desperately.IMG_0183

Sometimes its just hard to put on someone else’s boots.IMG_0198

A study of light and Jonas.IMG_0201




Brooks stuffing his face at the International Fair at school.IMG_20160204_191515002

The best way of eating a hot dog.IMG_20160205_173838517

Donuts. Donuts. Donuts.IMG_20160206_231253

Adventuring through the woods to get Brooks from school.

There is an amazing calm when the house is clean.

Waiting on the bus watching Silas play train engineer.IMG_20160206_231604

He looks so snuggly when he sleeps.IMG_20160206_231649

See you next week!

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