daily moments – week 5

This week I have been longing for the rural midwest. I think I miss the cold and snow. My instagram feed is full of lovely wintery scenes and it makes me want home. On the other hand, I walked today in 60 degree weather today and it was lovely. I guess I can’t have everything.

Here’s our week . . .

This might be my favorite spot in my whole kitchen. I love my cookbooks.

He is good about playing by himself. I wonder if he is relieved that no one is around to take his toys while his brothers are at school.IMG_0065

He loves trucks (and dogs).


Silas thought he was hiding. He was asking, “Can you see me Mom?”IMG_0091

Enjoying a snack. My two oldest LOVE to eat. Silas basically hangs out in the kitchen under foot for most of his afternoons waiting to let him have a taste.IMG_0099

One night we ate nachos. This is has never been done. Honestly. My boys were in shock. Brooks asked me, “Mom is this dinner? Are we eating anyting else?” I told him “No Brooks, this is dinner.” They all cheered. Somedays we have to take a break from vegan hippie bowls.IMG_0103

I love this light (and these two boys).IMG_0116

Jonas was happy to not be in a booster. I love this picture.IMG_0125


They are a pair.IMG_0137

Brooks was featured at the Science Fair at his school this week. We were so proud and so was he. He also likes this shirt and we are in the awkward smile phase.IMG_20160126_182801540

This is a weekday Silas ritual, Polar Express music on Spotify and reading books/dancing.IMG_20160128_075015

Brooks wrote a letter to his teacher this week (it was part of his homework).IMG_20160128_161803

Chicken pot pie for breakfast. My mother-in-law would totally approve. IMG_20160128_080515438

Having fun in the car.

See you next week!

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