daily moments – week 1

Welcome 2016! Its hard to believe its here because I hardly had time to reflect on this past year. We were visiting family all last week. Here’s our first week . . .

My nephew was determined to arrive in 2015. He was due in Feburary but my sister went into labor on December 27th. Carson was born on the 30th – 6 weeks early. He is doing well and so is his mom.IMG_9010

My littlest had his first helping of Grandma’s spaghetti (and his second and his third).



Grandpa always has fun with the boys.IMG_9035

We ate lots of sweets. I am now paying for it.IMG_9038

Brooks found a pelt of a fox at my cousin’s house. I think he was pretending to be a cowboy or he was trying to scare his brother with it.IMG_9120

Loaded in the car. We were still happy to be together at this point.IMG_20151227_081511597_HDR

The view from the top.IMG_20151228_141046987_HDR (1)

The older boys went to a basketball with their Grandpa.IMG_20151230_154324526

New Year’s Eve sushi!IMG_20160102_174643

We are in a cowboy phase.IMG_20160102_174814

Capitol in route to see my nephew.

All the cousins. Silas was crying in this picture because he was cold but if you glance quickly you don’t even notice.IMG_9099

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping I continue my weekly blogging.

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