daily moments – week 51

One more week until the big day! For us that means travel. We leave next Sunday so I will attempt to have the blog ready before we leave early. So grateful school is out for winter break! And today feels slow and relaxing. We have been doing lots of Christmasy activities and staying busy. Here’s our week . . .

This was the first of 8 loaves we baked this week. All, except one, went to teachers and friends.IMG_8564

I made turkey dinner on Monday. It lasted us for few days. I really love stuffing.IMG_8567

He loves cameras, even if they are pretend.IMG_8580

And now a little series on Jonas.IMG_8581







Brooks charting the best course for his epic battle against Captain Hook.IMG_8605


Turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce, and lemon, rosemary, garlic bread.IMG_8612

I took the two eldest to the Nutcracker yesterday. It was torture getting these guys to smile.IMG_8613


This is real life.IMG_8625

This one’s smile could light up a room.IMG_20151216_105511568

Pickled onions, cocktail grapefruit (juice was used as dressing), avocado, arugula, and chipotle pepper.IMG_20151216_124155593



This was our Saturday morning. We read books, colored, looked at maps, battled in the yard, and watched cartoons.IMG_20151219_113840386

Popcorn was devoured in 5 minutes before the ballet started. It was sucess. The boys really liked it and I plan on taking them again next year.IMG_20151220_000244

Zombie Brooks and My-Shoes-Don’t-Fit-and-I-Want-Tennis-Shoes Silas.IMG_20151220_000409

Jonas discovers Abe. It was only a matter of time.IMG_20151220_001020

Goodnight to the lady whispering hush.

May your week be restful and full!

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