daily moments – week 50

Wow! Week 50! I am always surprised when we make it this far. This week is a long post with 39 images. We did a lot of Christmas-y stuff which is always a bit chaotic but fun. Only one more week of school!

Here’s our week . . .

Its never too early start the nativity. I love the felt play one we have. IMG_8390

This kid and his sweet and silly personality.IMG_8400





Silas took these of Jonas and I not getting along (this is very normal).IMG_8417


Finally stopped fighting me.IMG_8423

Jonas has a picky palate – frozen (yes, frozen) peas, tater tots, green olives, and turkey.

Our tree is very simple this year. Its a mix of Mark dead set on not getting a tree because of the mess and Jonas’ busy hands. So we have our fake 4 ft tree on a small end table. I guess it works for this year. All the decorations on the tree are items that Jonas can break and or put in his mouth.IMG_8442


We took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro’s free Santaland. The boys love it.IMG_8456










The boys don’t look thrilled about riding the carousel. Brooks is just about the age where he is over it.IMG_8511

Watching the fish.IMG_8525

Making a gingerbread house with a ninja, a freshly bathed toddler (he was covered in yogurt), and Silas.IMG_8558


Cutting marshmallows with Silas. He is always right there with me while I cook.

Sometimes my house is clean and cozy and it makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book but then I remember I have an 18 month old.IMG_20151208_152805964_HDR

These two are nothing but chaos when they are waiting on the bus.IMG_20151208_153304738

My boys.IMG_20151208_154430691

The best spaghetti sauce is made with tomatoes, onions, and butter.

Having fun with lunch.IMG_20151208_181442508_HDR

Silas really can’t leave him alone.IMG_20151211_084151929

He really wants to be helpful even when I change diapers.IMG_20151211_122852446

For some reason I couldn’t move these photos up with the others. A good picture of both boys smiling.IMG_20151211_162530774



They were sad when we had to leave.IMG_20151211_165114161

Falafel tastes amazing with hummus, avocado, goat cheese, arugula, and pickled onions.IMG_20151212_191329

See you next week!

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