daily moments – week 44

This post is short. We are getting ready to leave for the next two weeks so I will not be posting any pictures until we return. But I thought I should at least do a short post before we go.


Here’s our week . . .

I am on the fence about cutting this one’s hair. I love the curls but recently its been more of a tangle of sticky waves.IMG_3997

So busy he can’t look at the camera.IMG_4005

Teething never ends.IMG_4014

Silas loves Curious George. One of his favorites is George conducting an orchestra. This is his interpretation of that episode. I had some music playing in the background for inspiration.IMG_4020


He got really into it.IMG_4030


This was our weather this week – slightly chilly with lots of rain.IMG_20151026_153450701

I’ve been calling him Yonas or Joda. If he rips off his hat during trick or treating. he will look like a hobbit which still works as a costume.IMG_20151029_194335

Hans Solo at his Halloween party at school.

We had a few hours of sun one day.IMG_20151029_231117

Moving, moving, moving. I sometimes let him run up and down the street as we wait for brother to get home from school.IMG_20151029_231217

Happy Halloween and see you in a few weeks!

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