Daily Moments – Week 43

Here’s our week . . .

He really is getting better feeding himself which is good because he doesn’t let us feed him.IMG_3914

He loves apples. Don’t cut them into small pieces. He wants slices.IMG_3923

We made Moon Sand. They LOVED this activity. IMG_3927

It was kinda messy so I would recommend making it outside.IMG_3939



Always moving. I love his waves and curls.IMG_3960

Silas made a dinosaur train. He was really proud of the track that looked like an “S.”IMG_3970


His smile.IMG_3976

Jack o’lantern cuties.IMG_3979

We went hiking this weekend.IMG_3980

Brooks got a black eye this week because he was hit in the face with a softball.IMG_3981


A nest of curls.IMG_3990

Sunday soup.

Rainbow carrots went into a lot of our meals.IMG_20151019_202704534_HDR

Double paci.IMG_20151020_182143875

Brooks had a rough week.IMG_20151024_154808846

Busy britches.IMG_20151025_140141

He built a rocket.IMG_20151025_140224

Folding laundry, eating popcorn, and watching Harry Potter.IMG_20151025_140308

Walking home from school.IMG_20151025_140402

He puts a smile on my face.IMG_20151025_075409382

See you next week!

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