daily moments – week 42

This week’s post is super short. It was a combination of sicknesses, crazy schedule, and traveling.

Here’s our week . . .

Ice cream stop at a fair.

Fun on the bouncy slide.IMG_3877

Brooks was trying to do tricks.IMG_3878

Funnel cakes and tricky lighting.IMG_3888

Brooks and Silas LOVED this. IMG_3891

Sketching with Silas on a Friday morning.IMG_3895

Getting ready for Halloween in Star Wars costumes.IMG_3906

Out. He’s got a ketchup stain on his face.IMG_20151011_123407750_HDR

We are still celebrating.IMG_20151013_185258225

I often get asked, “how do you do it with three boys?” This is how. I cook with one on my back and the other two busy with books or drawing. (Brooks took this pic)

Obi Wan getting ready to be whacked by brother.IMG_20151018_132037

The weather this week was incredible. Here comes the Fall.IMG_20151018_132214

Dad + 3. I like this picture.

See you next week!

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