daily moments – week 41

We celebrated a special 6 year old this week. He has been reminding us for the last 2 months that he will be 6 in October so I have been preparing myself. We decided to celebrate with Grandparents in North Carolina for the weekend.

Here’s our week . . .

I see you Silas. IMG_3713

He is so silly.


Silas took this. I was impressed with the composition.IMG_3753

These two annoy each other and they fight a lot. Silas asked me this week, “Mom, can you put him to bed?” Since it was 8 am I told him he has a bit until its time for his nap. Pretty sure Jonas learned one of his first words “NO!” from Silas.IMG_3778Making Halloween treats.


They turned out really cute.IMG_3792

Silas helped make Brooks’ cake.

Opening presents. Brooks couldn’t wait. It was like Christmas morning.


The cake. He wanted a cake with lava and Darth Vader and light sabres. So here it is. It was awesome.

Brooks – You are so full of energy, questions, opinions, and did I mention energy? We love your forgiving heart, your quest for knowledge, and your excitment for your brothers. You were the one who started this whole Mom business and raising you has been somewhat of a guessing game. Not sure of our decisions, but hoping for the best. You are so eager to please and hope your perfection for life doesn’t hinder you – its okay to make mistakes, we learn from them. The thoughtful questions you ask and your interest in knowledge of all things has kept us on our toes. I have loved seeing your interests start to bloom. You are an incredible kid and I am so thankful God entrusted us with you. We love you!IMG_3852

He really liked the cake. And he loved that he got to keep the figures on top.IMG_3856

Mimi made an orange cake by adding oranges to the cake and the frosting. IMG_3862

Oh my, oh my Jonas.IMG_20151005_105824169

Lunchbag art.IMG_20151005_185933925_HDR

So blue. We welcomed this sky after weeks of rain.IMG_20151006_154553672

Building Tegu boats in the Dr. office.IMG_20151007_092422190

I rode both boys to the pharmacy this week in a skirt. As long as the weather is okay and the distance isn’t too far, I am going to try to ride.IMG_20151007_103601070

Laughing with Silas over joke books – his favorite genre.

Brooks sometimes comes into our room at 11 pm and this is what he does.IMG_20151008_225628256

Oh no. I walked into the kitchen because it was so quiet. This is what I found. IMG_20151009_132508714_HDR

Exhausted. On the road north.IMG_20151009_145146403

Mark and I did some chocolate tasting one morning – alone!IMG_20151010_213913

Trains, trains, trains!IMG_20151010_151247927

See you next week!


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