daily moments – week 40

Its really fall! Its been raining for about 2 weeks and I have dragged out the jeans, pants, and sweaters. I really love it! Now if we could just get rid of the humidity so the air can be crisp instead of damp.

Here’s our week . . .

Trains. Lots of trains. I love trains and look forward to Jonas loving them. It usually the first stage my boys go through with toys.IMG_3585

Laundry day for the boys. Everyone has their own container.IMG_3595

Working on letters and words. Silas wore his fancy shirt for picture day.IMG_3597

Cold sesame noodles.

Veggies for our noodles.

This was my breakfast for a few mornings this week. This is the perfect egg – custardy, not dry.IMG_3609

Into everything. Forget about toys, he likes washers, trash cans, and pantries.IMG_3613

Halloween decorations.IMG_3630

Watching Curious George Boo Fest.IMG_3635

Remember, into everything?!IMG_3642

Silas loved this.IMG_3645

Ready for applesauce.


Jonas is not good at sharing.IMG_3672

Helping Mom with Mums.IMG_3679


Sunday morning biscuits.IMG_3697

They weren’t the best, but it was the experience that mattered.IMG_3705



The sun! The only day this week I saw it.IMG_20150929_173108790

My best summer investment. I wore these sandals everyday this summer (not joking – I really wore them everyday).

I see you little guy.IMG_20150930_125254251

Silas told me he was searching for bombs.IMG_20150930_153523276

Another matchy day with my children.IMG_20151001_085753020

Fall groceries – squash, apples, apple sauce, and Pumpkin Jo’s O’s.IMG_20151002_110700050

Is that a ninja asleep on my couch?IMG_20151002_180734525

Searching for pumpkins.


He told me we were on a ship and he needed to load the sticks.

The view from within – random “Fall” themed letters and pumpkins.

The Lincoln Memorial.IMG_20151004_091000800

See you next week!

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