daily moments – week 39

Here’s our week . . .

Silas and I painted one afternoon when I was stressed out. I think it helped.IMG_3414


My Dad came to help with the kids since Mark was out of town.IMG_3422

Friday night snack night. I am going to do this every week. Its so easy.IMG_3431

Jonas looked like a big boy sitting at the table.IMG_3433

Moonpies for dessert.IMG_3446




Pumpkin Pancakes.IMG_3506

Shishito peppers from a friend. I think Brooks ate the whole bowl.IMG_3515

Papa was the surprise reader in Silas’ class.IMG_20150923_112219853_HDR

Walking home from school. Brooks said this was the best day.IMG_20150924_121237369

Parade Day!IMG_20150926_225821

It rained for most of the parade but the boys didn’t notice.IMG_20150926_225911

They said these were their favorites.IMG_20150926_230211

See you next week!

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