daily moments – week 34

Here’s our week . . .

We recieved red corn in our CSA box.IMG_1208-3

The boys were fascinated.IMG_1209-4

Haircuts. I now cut everyone’s hair.IMG_1214-7


Miso soup with mushrooms and rice.IMG_1234-21

Deep in creative thought. He told me they were a king and queen.IMG_1244-28

Mowing with Dad.IMG_1263-33

Afternoons with Silas.IMG_20150818_145432530_HDRJonas has started to yell when everyone else is talking. Look at that button nose.

Silas on a motorcycle.IMG_20150819_112338108

We learned about coins of the world this week. The boys favorite part was tracing the coins.

I wonder if my boys know how lucky they are to have a dad who works at home twice a week. In case you are wondering, this was during his lunch hour.IMG_20150821_130911864

He really wanted to stand on the stool to brush.IMG_20150821_173402515_HDR

Every Sunday night I gossip, watch, and eat with neighbors.IMG_20150822_210838

Caught you little guy!IMG_20150822_210918

Quiet time.IMG_20150822_211030

I went to an event where I had to network. I was so nervous but ended up really enjoying myself. Its nice when that happens.IMG_20150822_211202

Mom stop taking pictures of me waiting for the bus – Thanks, Brooks.IMG_20150822_211258

Jonas found his happy place.IMG_20150822_211501

Waiting for the bus.IMG_20150822_211743

We got this book from the library this week. The boys have enjoyed it.IMG_20150822_211838

After a quick swim with Silas. We were making up stories.IMG_20150822_212024

Super Silas!IMG_20150822_084252890

See you next week!

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