daily moments – week 33

This week Brooks started school so many of this week’s pictures are of us waiting for the bus and watching Brooks get off the bus. Also, most of the images are from my phone – sorry for the quality. Here’s our week . . .

I made a Spanish style potato soup (no dairy). Jonas loved it so much he had several helpings.IMG_0860

I eat eggs most mornings – trying to cut down on carbs and sugars.IMG_0864

I like this picture of Silas.IMG_0868

He has been so helpful this week. He loves to cook.IMG_0896

We swim a lot. Almost everyday after Brooks gets home.IMG_0904

“Mom, I’m doing a head stand.”IMG_0908



Jonas still adores his brothers even though they stalk him around the house and annoy him.IMG_0955

First day and still an awkward smile.IMG_20150810_070629253

Trying to be cool waiting for the bus.IMG_20150810_072743307

Silas made a forest with raspberry mountains and almond trees.IMG_20150810_151423522_HDR

Getting off the bus after the first day.IMG_20150810_155621626

“Look at me, I take pictures of food.”- my husband, lovingly mocking me.

We made an incredible pizza this week – figs (from our tree), carmelized onions, proscuitto, and goat cheese.IMG_20150810_182508072_HDR

Silas looking like a big brother. When I posted this picture on facebook and instagram, I had many of you say how old he looks.IMG_20150811_085310

Running home. Can you spot Silas?IMG_20150811_073610144

This looks more like Silas.IMG_20150811_085214032

Jonas was almost asleep. We are trying to work toward one nap.IMG_20150811_104012236

He loves figs.IMG_20150811_140848091

Getting ice cream while Brooks is at school. IMG_20150812_132634044


Listening for the bus.IMG_20150812_154629145

Leaving notes in his lunch box. He had a big smile on his face when he got home from school that day.IMG_20150812_183336975_HDR

All looking for the bus one morning.IMG_20150813_072751740

Watching clouds – always looking for rain. IMG_20150813_130903472_HDR

Silas has felt like an only kid this week. He told me he thinks he is the best kid.IMG_20150813_145239336

Once again, waiting for the bus.IMG_20150813_154119794

I couldn’t help it. I loved seeing that smile.IMG_20150813_220621375

Discovering wood chips.IMG_20150814_085029667

Telling him he can’t take things out of the garbage can. Those are real emotions with real tears.IMG_20150815_184728

Yep, waiting for the bus.IMG_20150815_185910

I’ve had this for breakfast and lunch multiple times this week – sourdough, butter, tomatoes, and salt.IMG_20150815_074037224_HDR

Baby overalls.IMG_20150815_184133012


See you next week.

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