daily moments – week 32

Here’s our week . . .

I took a pictures of Mark this week. This one was my favorite.

I made zucchini fritters. They were so good!IMG_0726

I played with lighting and black and white this week. My boys make the perfect subjects.IMG_0732













These might be our favorite. They have an unlikely cast of ingredients – cottage cheese, sour cream, 5! eggs, raisins, lemon zest, and nutmeg. They sounded weird enough that I had to give them a try.IMG_0839

Good to the last bite. And then I went back for seconds.IMG_0851

BLTs are amazing with peaches and avocados.IMG_20150804_172644412

Always in costume.

When I took this picture, I felt like my kitchen was a chaotic disaster. Now that I look back, it actually looks in order. This is a reminder that even though life may feel crazy at times its really not that bad.IMG_20150805_163750694

First popsicle!IMG_20150806_141428098

Working out while making pasta.IMG_20150806_164404684

The road tricks my mind into thinking its Fall. IMG_20150806_183947319

I went to Trader Joe’s for four things. I left with a cart of groceries for the week.IMG_20150807_170833461

Sunday night feast!IMG_20150808_171704

the boys are obsessed with the amount of “juice” left after they eat the frozen stuff.IMG_20150808_172004

Taking a bath and brushing teeth. IMG_20150808_172255


See you next week!

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