daily moments – week 31

Here’s our week . . .

The boys helped me sort clothes. I often forget they have helpful hands.IMG_0339

Brooks made a rocket on our fridge.IMG_0368

Jonas got his haircut. I had Brooks and Silas take the pictures.IMG_0371






A brand new boy.IMG_0417

Who still has curls.IMG_0421

Salmon salad.IMG_0422

I made myself a birthday cake. It sounds a bit lame, but I like an excuse to make a cake.

Little fingers.IMG_0426

A Jonas bonus picture.IMG_0665

The boys were quiet one morning.IMG_20150728_074850586

Last picture with the side curls.IMG_20150728_165737320

Birthday dinner was so fun (and good!).

Church day.IMG_20150802_140213

I love evenings that end with the neighborhood kids in our pool. IMG_20150802_140342

First treat to start off my birthday weekend.IMG_20150802_140437

A walk in the park.IMG_20150802_140541

Sometimes Silas is so tired and hot he can’t keep his eyes open to take off his shoes.IMG_20150802_140640

I made goals for the boys this week. Sorry Katie – I realized I spelled your kid’s name wrong.IMG_20150802_140723

I loved his outfit this day.IMG_20150802_140906

Birthday cake leftover for breakfast.IMG_20150802_083345144

And lunch.IMG_20150802_134103296

Its the beginning of fig season.IMG_20150802_134739225


See you next week!

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