daily moments – week 30

Here’s our week . . .

Brooks made a card for our friend Ms. Jane. His writing is getting better.IMG_0088

Silas’ headshot.IMG_0097

I love the back of their heads.IMG_0195-1



His ships are getting more complicated.IMG_0208-9



The side view.IMG_0226-14

He is mostly on both legs.IMG_0247-19

I made a tangine meal this week . . .WOW!IMG_0250-22

A quiet moment with a book and a ninja.IMG_0261-24

Excited for spaghetti!IMG_0264-25

This is really all you need for dinner – bread and fresh garden tomatoes.IMG_0266-26

A movie break at the cabin with friends.IMG_0269-27

Our view from the porch.IMG_0279-31


Our friend Libby followed Jonas around the entire weekend. She tells me often, “I love babies” and “Put him down!”IMG_0294-42

Trying to get this group ready is like herding cats.

A good shot – everyone is looking!IMG_0337-49

Jonas and Silas got ear tubes this week. Silas got a special ride to the car.IMG_20150720_093414878

Peach and blueberry crisp.IMG_20150720_173600170


A friend fixed us an authentic Japanese meal this week – it was so delicious Brooks had 5 helpings.IMG_20150722_142851

Fried eggs with reduced vinegar.IMG_20150722_075958395_HDR (1)

In search of ice cream in the mountains and coming storm.

Sunset at the cabin.IMG_20150725_194852619_HDR

Getting ready for surgery.IMG_20150726_150420

This picture makes my heart swell.IMG_20150726_150725

A trek through the forest.IMG_20150726_161737



See you next week!

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