daily moments – week 29

Here’s our week . . .

Its hard waiting on Mom to take a photo before digging in.IMG_0010

Garden tomatoes.IMG_0021

I made gazpacho with toppings. It was pretty good.IMG_0037

Shooting arrows.IMG_0040

Bike ride.IMG_0054

I love my boys but I love seeing them leave (all 4 of them).IMG_0067

Two Robin Hoods join us for breakfast.

Souvenirs from Alaska.IMG_20150713_153839902

I found a tiny pinecone in my pool.IMG_20150714_165506018

Brooks made his bed. I like the folded blankets and dino head.IMG_20150716_083240702


Anniversary Dinner.IMG_20150717_203039

Trying to take a picture with little wiggles.

He is walking with shoes!IMG_20150718_214747


And the boys still won’t leave him alone.IMG_20150718_215131

After dinner dessert.

They don’t want to grow up.IMG_20150718_215305

We went to a bike race this weekend.IMG_20150718_163848562

And we ate the best SnoballsIMG_20150718_173709827

It was so hot so we let the boys strip down and run in the fountain.IMG_20150718_183618235_HDR

Brooks went on a zipline. Good thing Dad was there or else I would have said No.IMG_20150719_121658

At camp with Dad.IMG_20150719_121751

Oh Silas, I love your smile.IMG_20150719_121906


See you next week!

One thought on “daily moments – week 29

  1. Looks like a fun summer the boys are growing so fast Zachary says “hi” to them!that fountain pic is so prettying! The colors your camera picked up are amazing– you captured a beautiful summer afternoon

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