daily moments – week 28

This week’s post is a bit short. Brooks and Silas spent the week at the grandparent’s. They are having a blast and we had a slightly slower week.

Here’s our week . . .

He ate well this week. He had no distractions. IMG_9802



We bathed him in the sink and quickly realized it was a bad ideal. He hit his head because he wanted to stand up.IMG_9861


A Guatemalan friend brought me cookies to eat with coffee.IMG_9869

Ginger and soy green beans with roast peppers and pickled onions.IMG_9875


He is in toliet, in the trash can, up the stairs, and standing on chairs. He is everywhere and he thinks its all a game.IMG_9899

Summer bottoms.IMG_9905


He is so happy.IMG_9918

Nature’s ombre on a walk.IMG_20150705_160441639

In my front yard.

He moves furniture.IMG_20150710_083927410


See you next week!

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