daily moments – week 27

Here’s our week . . .

Breakfast made from leftovers.IMG_9653

Making a cloud. They want me to find more science experiments.

Silas took some pics.IMG_9664




Brooks made a dinosaur skeleton. He told me it was part of his museum.IMG_9693

Jonas likes cars.IMG_9695

My boys need to wrestle at the end of the day.IMG_9699

And they like to play dodge ball.IMG_9706

The Fourth.IMG_9713

Deocrating cookies with an astronaut.IMG_9729

I made a chocolate tart with a potato chip crust.IMG_9731

Brooks took my phone and started taking pictures one afternoon. I had been sleeping (Mark was home) and I woke up to find Jonas on top of the table.

Catching Jonas.IMG_20150628_134609345

Grabbing Jonas and keeping Silas from stepping on him. Oh children . . .

I made pickled okra.IMG_20150628_142521486_HDR

Did I mention he really likes cars?IMG_20150629_135123

Silas recreated the movie Planes. He made a finish line out of tape.IMG_20150629_144233407

Patriotic snack. Did you notice the toy chaos in the background? We had 2 extra boys at our house one night for a sleepover.IMG_20150704_102758684_HDR


A college roomate visit.IMG_20150705_134417

I can’t stop eating berries. Luckily, they are cheap right now.IMG_20150705_134525


We made blueberry-corn salsa and it was delicious!


See you next week!

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