daily moments – week 26

Here’s our week . . .

Mark’s attempt to read to all three.IMG_8871


Ready to launch.IMG_8877

He’s everywhere!IMG_8884

Rainy day.IMG_8894



Baby feet.IMG_9628


Flatbread for dinner.IMG_9635

Saturday night dinner.

And then Silas spilled his drink.IMG_9639

Last weekend I went to Wisconsin and fell in love.IMG_20150620_202323

Wedding shoes.IMG_20150620_202617287_HDR


Star Wars cereal! “Mom I think I found a stormtrooper!”IMG_20150627_191506

I helped a friend move into our neighborhood. Its great to be able to walk back home.IMG_20150627_191619

We watched 4 extra boys this week. IMG_20150627_191656 (1)

He loves the dishwasher.IMG_20150627_191814

They sat for 45 minutes “reading.”IMG_20150627_191849

Everyone has a different milk of choice.IMG_20150627_191948

I turn around for a moment and he is in the book bin. The librarian then directed me to a more toddler friendly zone.IMG_20150627_192049

Getting the essentials for the week.IMG_20150627_192128


See you next week!

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