daily moments – week 25

Short post this week because it is a wedding weekend for a friend. Here’s a peak at our week . . .

Fish on Tuesday.IMG_8800

Watermelon (mint, goat cheese, and sea salt) breakfast on Wednesday.IMG_8808

Morning playing. Jonas could care less about baby toys. He wants trains and legos.IMG_8821

Almost walking.IMG_8826

Helping with use of my new reflectors for photos.IMG_8839

HUGE spider. Why is this in my backyard? And yes, I did kill it.IMG_20150616_102237135

New chair. IMG_20150617_173804723_HDR

Lego building takes cooperation.IMG_20150618_071302371_HDR

Prepping for Father’s Day!IMG_20150618_111058559

My sweet little boy has had a tough week healthwise.

They enjoy playing with the bricks that go in the box and the box itself.

My alarm clock.IMG_20150619_073014723

Happy Father’s Day and see you next week!

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