daily moments – week 24

It was a big week in our house. We now have a one year old!

Here’s our week . . .

Birthday pancakes.IMG_8651

Sneaking food at the party.IMG_8658

June babies.

I was so proud of this cake – yellow cake, swiss meringue buttercream, and strawberry jam.IMG_8687


Pure joy.IMG_8731


Brooks made a train track. He really wanted me to take a picture.IMG_20150609_080744048

VBS had a spirit day. I finally got it together and bought them shirts.IMG_20150609_084632545

How is this comfortable?IMG_20150609_114433874

All together.IMG_20150609_131629714_HDR


A night of playing in the fountains and then pizza.IMG_20150609_173133043

Jon Jons.

IMG_20150610_183734 (2)

Soccer scores over breakfast.IMG_20150611_070631688

We are building cities again.IMG_20150611_125523058

Birthday Boy eating his birthday breakfast.IMG_20150612_072415


See you next week!

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